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Article number: BLC.5000.005

About the product

The Mymesh MultiSensor is a presence and ambient light sensor with a long-life battery for flexible wall/ceiling mounting. It enables you to control a group of nodes (e.g. lighting fixtures or blinds) based on the presence of occupants or illuminance.

Easy Installation

Activate the product by pressing the hidden button in one of the corners. You can find an arrow on the back which indicates the correct corner.

The product can be easily added to the network via the Mymesh commissioning app. Once you have activated the sensor, it shows up in the App. Here you can also configure the desired settings.

Technical Summary

Protection degree


80 x 80 x 20 mm






85 gram



RAL 9010 White

Network features

  • Wireless, stand-alone network that is self-organizing and self-healing
  • 2.4GHz communication for reliable data transfer
  • Secure by design
  • Ultra-scalable to > 10.000 fixtures in one network
  • Low operational cost


  • On-the-fly (re) commissioning with a Mymesh BLE Gateway and Mymesh app for iPad
  • Connect to third-party back-office/ light management system
  • Adjustable delay time for motion detection
  • Constant light level control for automatic dimming or intensify a group of Lighting fixtures
  • Calibration of the light sensor for indirect measurement to adapt to different installation situations
  • An optional mounting bracket of 45º for optimal mounting in every situation
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