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Ethernet Gateway

Mymesh Ethernet Gateway

Article number: BLC.4165.001

About the product

The Mymesh Ethernet Gateway enables the transfer
of asset management data between a Mymesh
network and a back-office system such as the Mymesh Management System or third-party applications

Easy Installation

The Mymesh Ethernet Gateway is easy to install as it automatically configures itself to the Mymesh servers. It can be mounted at every location due to its practical and flat design.

Technical Summary

The Mymesh wireless network uses the 2.4GHz ISM band and communicates with a back-office via an Ethernet gateway (back office API available). Last but not least, the Mymesh network is multi-purpose and future proof with regard to smart building developments.

Network features

  • Wireless, stand-alone network that is self-organizing and self-healing
  • 2.4GHz communication for reliable data transfer
  • Secure by design • Ultra-scalable to > 10.000 devices/nodes in one network
  • Low operational cost
  • Option to employ the network to control other building systems


  • On-the-fly (re) commissioning with a Mymesh BLE Gateway and Mymesh commissioning app for iPad
  • Connect to third-party back-office/ light management system
  • Employ the network for other smart building assets
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