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Add-on Slight Motion PIR

Add-on Slight Motion PIR

Article number: BLC.6402.001

About the product

The Mymesh Add-on Slight Motion PIR is a presence sensor that connects easily to the Micro BLC.  The sensor was engineered to detect the smallest movements. It enables you to control a group of nodes (e.g. lighting fixtures or blinds) based on the presence. Simply plug it in, commission the micro BLC with the preferred settings and start using the sensor to your liking.

Easy Installation

Connect the Slight Motion PIR to a Micro BLC and commission the preferred profile in the Mymesh App.


Technical Summary

Typical installation height

3 m

Slow movement speed range

Horizontal 360°| Vertical 104°

Network features

The Clip-on sensor is alway attached to a Micro BLC but can be commissioned as an independent sensor via the Mymesh App.


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