[Press] Chess presents innovation - Chess

[Press] Chess presents innovation

The Paris treaty and new European regulations are putting more and more pressure on organisations to work sustainable. Chess, a Dutch company specialized in wireless lighting, focuses on sustainability by reducing the energy consumption of its clients.  With Mymesh, their wireless lighting solution, anyone can connect any light at any location, making a property very smart with minimum effort. 

Mymesh enables the property owner or user to save on energy, maintenance and construction costs. The wireless solution connects lights and emergency lights with a limitless scalability due to its unique network protocol. It automatically controls the lighting by using motion sensors and daylight harvesting. Commercial properties, hospitals, healthcare institutions, schools, factories and even entire cities are able to be made smart and sustainable with Mymesh. In compliance with European regulation, emergency lighting and exit signage is able to be automatically tested over the network.

In order to make the transition to sustainable lighting more easy, Chess developed a special LED tube to replace the conventional T8 fluorescent tube that many companies still use. This SmartLED replaces the T8 and easily integrates within the building’s network via Chess’ user-friendly app. Any building with conventional fluorescent lights can be easily upgraded to a smart, secure and energy-efficient variant. This can save you up to 80% on your energy usage.

Chess is your partner to connect any light at any location by using Mymesh, their own wireless lighting solution.

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