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Start working with Mymesh

With over 100,000 connected devices, at hundreds of locations, the Mymesh ecosystem has become a global player in the field of IoT and building automation. You too can play a role in this development. Become a Mymesh dealer or maybe even a partner and start working with Mymesh.


Become a Mymesh Partner/Dealer

Benefit from a worldwide ecosystem

In order to spread knowledge, underline relations and guarantee the overall quality, we’ve started the Mymesh Academy; the place to learn everything about Mymesh and to become an important player in the ecosystem itself. Participate in a course and become a Level 1-, Level 2- or even Level 3 certified Mymesh Dealer/Partner.

Become a partner

A Mymesh partner takes over Chess’ operations outside of the Netherlands. We are always on the lookout for innovative and competitive companies who want to set-up the Mymesh ecosystem in their own country. Are you interested to start with Mymesh as a partner? Let us know.


Become a Dealer

Mymesh is being used by a wide variety of businesses to propel operations before, during and long after installation. These dealers have extensive knowledge about the technology and its latest possibilities, ensuring a good experience to the end-user.


Our courses

-Level 1-
1 Day course

  • Introduction
  • The vision behind the Mymesh Ecosystem
  • Suitable Applications
  • How to make a detailed sensor-plan
  • How to select the right products
  • How to install
  • Start with Commissioning
  • Exam Level 1

-Level 2-
1 Day course

  • Mymesh Management System Applications
    • Calendar
    • Dashboard
    • Smart Metrics
    • Control
  • Advanced Commissioning
    • Zones
    • 4DI
    • Gateway
    • Micro BLC

-Level 3-
Tailored Course

  • Network infrastructure
  • Nodes & Behaviour
  • Mymesh Protocol
  • Radio Metrics

Mymesh Partners

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Dealers in Italy

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We are

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As of the first of April, our new address will be:


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