Chess launches OLC-Z - Outdoor light controller for Mymesh - Chess

Chess launches OLC-Z – Outdoor light controller for Mymesh

Chess launches outdoor Mymesh light controller

Connecting thousands of outdoor lights, sensors or actuators wirelessly?

Chess, the Dutch company behind earlier successes within the IoT industry has a new scoop; After months of development, they are launching a new powerful light controller for the Mymesh ecosystem; The OLC-Z, an easy-to-connect light controller for big outdoor networks, covering large distances whilst optimised for the built environment.

The new product is part of Mymesh, a wireless data-infrastructure that has been specially developed to make any professional environment truly smart. As the scalable mesh network is distributed through wireless light control, it is omnipresent – delivering persistence and resilience.

Using biomimicry, the inspiration for the network technology came from nature during a decade long research. Just like schools of fish or flocks of birds, commands are effortlessly communicated along thousands of devices.

As soon as a device receives a signal, the command is executed and the signal is forwarded to surrounding devices simultaneously. This all happens in the blink of an eye. Thanks to this unique technology, the Dutch company has one of the most reliable and scalable mesh networks in the world.


“With the launch of new products and services, Mymesh’s growth has accelerated quickly over the past year. We have ‘connected’ a number of prestigious buildings and have won various industry awards in recognition. Our clients found that the Mymesh to work very well in their internal environments, leading to the significant demand for our ‘easy-to-connect’ outdoor lighting management solution. ”


Wim Hogenhout-Sales manager at Chess.


The OLC-Z is easy to connect to new fixtures via the industry’s standard connector. The device starts to communicate through 868 MHz (-or 915 MHz in some countries) after it is powered. The robust network and the Mymesh app then make it very easy for the user to set up the network and the preferred behaviours.


In the meantime, the OLC-Z has had several successful trials. “I can’t say much about it yet, but a European airport now has one of the smartest wide-area parking areas in the world,” Hogenhout says with a big smile on his face.


The OLC-Z is among one of the new products that will be shown during the biggest lighting exhibition in the world; Light + Building 2020 in Frankfurt.