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Demo Case

Demo Case

Article number: BLC.9500.001

About the product

Take Mymesh anywhere with the Mymesh Demo Case. The case was specifically designed for official Mymesh Dealers and Partners to demonstrate the technology in the field. The case is therefore very rigid and durable and optimised for transport.

It comes with all the basic elements you need to set-up and demonstrate a real Mymesh network. The case comes with two LED lights that are both connected to LCM-40MM drivers and a power socket that is connected to a Mymesh Relais.


Mymesh Demo Case:

  • MultiSensor
  • 2x Remote Switch
  • Bluetooth Gateway
  • Relais
  • 2x LCM-40MM
  • Lifetime Mymesh Security Token
  • Changeable backplate
  • 2x Led Panel
  • Type-F Powersocket + USB
  • Electricity cord

Become a partner/dealer

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