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OLC 300 Series

OLC 300

Article number: OLC.1000.001

About the product

The Mymesh OLC 300 series provide the controls and the wireless network to manage public lighting systems remotely.
More than one OLC automatically form an ad-hoc wireless network called Mymesh that synchronizes and organizes itself. A smart street lighting network that consists of
Mymesh OLC’s is robust and grows stronger with every additional smart light.

Easy Installation

The Mymesh OLC 300 is small enough to fit into any (LED) fixture and its separate antenna makes up for extra flexibility. As a result it fits into any (modern) fixture regardless of the material and size of its housing. The installation of the OLC is kept simple with 2 mounting slots.

Technical Summary

The Mymesh wireless network uses the 868 MHz ISM band and communicates with a back office via a (2G/3G)
gateway (back office API available). Last but not least, the Mymesh network is multi-purpose and future proof with regard to smart city developments.

Network features

  • Wireless, stand-alone network that is self-organizing, self-healing and secure by design
  • 868 MHz Lora communication for reliable data transfer
  • Ultra-scalable to > 10.000 fixtures in one network
  • Low operational cost • Multi-purpose network
  • Future proof with regard to smart city developments


  • Dimming and switching of a wide range of lamps and LEDs
  • Low energy consumption by using latest RF technology
  • 230VAC output with current measuring circuit
  • Digital input for connecting radar detection or a push button
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