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Mymesh BLC 200 series

Mymesh BLC 200 series

Article number: BLC.1000.001

About the product

The BLC 200 is equipped with lighting controllers for LEDs and lightbulbs enabling wireless control and management of light fixtures. The BLC 200 includes controllers for DALI drivers, 1-10v and a relays interface capable of controlling a wide range of light fixtures. BLC modules automatically form a wireless sensor-and-control network that is self-organizing and self-synchronizing, resulting in a robust and scalable smart lighting system that inherently is the foundation for a smart building network.

Easy Installation

The BLC 200 is easy to install due to the two mounting slots placed on either side of the product. The dimensions of the BLC allow for easy installation within the light fixture or placement above the ceiling.

Technical Summary

Protection degree

Power supply 

single fase 230VAC (+/-10% 50Hz)


master output (maximum of 1 slave) 1-10V


Switched 230VAC outlet
maximum 200W


Maximum switching current


Maximum switching voltage


Maximum switching capacity 


1.5 mm2


Operating temperature
-25°C to +70°C


Relative humidity
10% to 90%


Installation height
Maximum 2000m above sea level

Network features

  • Wireless, stand-alone network that is self-organizing and self-healing
  • 2.4GHz communication for reliable data transfer
  • Secure by design
  • Ultra-scalable to > 10.000 fixtures in one network
  • Low operational cost


  • Dimming and switching of a wide range of lamps and LEDs
  • Low energy consumption by using the latest RF technology
  • 30% (minimum) to 90% energy savings with light control
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