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Mymesh Environment Sensor

Mymesh Environment Sensor

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About the product

CO2, humidity, and temperature sensor

Easy Installation

CMOSens® Technology for IR detection enables carbon dioxide measurements of the highest accuracy competitive price.
Along with the NDIR measurement technology for detecting CO2 comes a best-in-class humidity and temperature sensor integrated on the very same sensor module. Ambient humidity and temperature can be measured by algorithm expertise through modelling and compensating of external heat sources without the need for any additional components.

Carbon Dioxide is a key indicator of indoor air quality. Thanks to new energy standards and better insulation, houses have become increasingly energy-efficient, but the air quality can deteriorate rapidly. Active ventilation is needed to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment and improve the well-being and productivity of the inhabitants. The sensor solutions offer accurate and stable monitoring of CO2 in the air, as well as temperature and humidity. This enables our customers to develop new solutions that increase energy efficiency and simultaneously support the well-being of everyone within their Ecosystem.

Technical Summary


CO2 Measurement Range 
0 – 40000 ppm

CO2 Accuracy
400 ppm – 10000 ppm
± ( 30 ppm + 3%MV)

400 ppm – 10000 ppm
± 10 ppm

Temperature Stability
T = 0 … 50° C
± 2.5 ppm / °C

Responds time

Accuracy drift over a lifetime
400 ppm – 10000 ppm

ASC field-calibration algorithm activated and RFC field-calibration algorithm applied.
SCD30 in an environment allowing for ASC,


Humidity Measurement Range
0 %RH – 100 %RH

25°C, 0 – 100 %RH
± 3 %RH

± 0.1 %RH

Response time

Accuracy drift
< 0.25 % RH / year


Temperature measurement range
– 40° C – 70°C

0 – 50°C
± (0.4°C + 0.023 × (T [° C] – 25°C))

± 0.1°C

Response time
> 10 s

Accuracy drift
< 0.03 °C / year





Network features

  • Wireless, stand-alone network that is self-organizing and self-healing
  • 2.4GHz communication for reliable data transfer
  • Secure by design
  • Ultra-scalable to > 10.000 fixtures in one network
  • Low operational cost


  • On-the-fly (re) commissioning with a Mymesh BLE Gateway and Mymesh commissioning app for iPad
  • Connect to third-party back-office / Mymesh Management System (MMS) via a Mymesh Ethernet Gateway
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