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Companies choose smart lighting

Companies choose smart lighting

Over 64 million homes across Europe and North America now contain some form of smart technology and with governments placing more pressure on business to reduce energy output and increase sustainability, the commercial world is swiftly joining them in this smart revolution, Companies choose smart lighting.

Companies are major players when it comes to energy consumption. Large factory halls are sometimes illuminated by more than 10,000 lamps. These lamps burn throughout the day and in certain cases, they even burn day and night. According to Ourworldindata, the total electricity consumption of the world has doubled in the last 20 years. By 2020, the EU wants to reduce its energy emissions by 20%. Due to growing pressure from the government and a societal change in general, companies and large organizations are seeking ways to take their responsibility.

One of these measures is the adoption of smart technology, smart lighting to be precise. Han Bak, commercial director of Mymesh, one of Europe’s leading smart-lighting application for the professional market, agrees. “The market has been very traditional for years, but technology is improving and pressing arguments are changing the market landscape.”

Technological growth makes it possible to use smart lighting for saving energy. Smart lights generate data through sensors and actuators, which allows a property to be managed. This helps to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient work environment.

It used to be mainly innovative companies to adopt this trend. However, most companies now looking for ways to become more sustainable. Smart lighting is moving them forward. Who knows where this technological growth takes us. One thing is certain, adaptivity is a must.

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