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Chess partners with Lux-It

Chess partners with Lux-It

We are delighted to announce that Chess partners with Lux-It. Han Bak, our CEO and Jasper Hijink, CEO of Lux-It, confirmed the partnership with their signatures today. We feel that this partnership strengthens the relationship between the two companies. In addition, it increases the accessibility of Mymesh within the UK market.

“We have great confidence that our technology is in good hands with Lux-IT” Han Bak said.

Lux-it gives the industry easy access to key technologies in the lighting industry. As renowned specialists in the field of LED and connected LED they also provide high-end information to other experts in the market. Chess has the mission to build a large international distributors network. Therefore, a partnership with Lux-it made perfect sense. Together we will further penetrate the British market by making connected LED -in the form of Mymesh-  available to the public, work and industrial space.

Han continues: “With Lux-it, the level of support is guaranteed and feedback will be directly shared with Chess in order to improve the Mymesh lighting solution in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness”.

Mymesh, the only scalable lighting solution to make any location smart. It simply plugs onto any LED luminaire and instantly creates a smart network within your building or property. Via our building management system you manage your business or organisation more efficiently and effectively while it saves you on construction, maintenance and energy costs.