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Once all the Mymesh devices are installed, the user is able to easily commission entire buildings with his/her iPad. The App is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive in order to bring control back to anyone with the right authority.


Having a completely wireless infrastructure makes every installation flexible, adaptive and cost-efficient. Due to these characteristics, Market leaders choose Mymesh.


Start with Mymesh

Connected via a robust wireless network

The philosophy and inspiration behind the Mymesh protocol came from nature. Flocks of
birds or schools of fish communicate within seconds while it doesn’t rely on one single
animal. A Mymesh network functions according to these principles too.


We used the art of Biomimicry to copy communication between thousands of network players. After 20
years of international scientific research, the Mymesh communication protocol was born.
This technology forms the strong backbone of the Mymesh ecosystem.

All devices within the Mymesh ecosystem work on radio and because an Ipad does not speak this “language”, a special Bluetooth gateway must be used. This device provides additional security since Bluetooth is ‘translated’ into heavily encrypted radio messages. These type of measures make Mymesh one of the most secure network protocols in the world.

Commission your entire building with just one app

Log in

Use your Mymesh account to log in

Mymesh is secure-by-design. Every step in the design-, production- and delivery process was well-thought-of in order to remain as secure as humanly possible. With a personal Mymes Account, this security can be constantly guaranteed.

Assign positions

Drag the devices to their in-building positions

When all nodes are connected to a power source, the Mymesh network is automatically created. Take the Ipad and assign in-building positions to your lights. Having locations helps you to configure your building and analyse its data.

Configure preferences

Assign advanced behaviour

Your network is now ready and can be commissioned. Here, the power of wireless really starts to show as all lights can be controlled on an individual, room-, floor- and even building level. We dare you to get creative as possibilities are endless.

Out with the old

connect with the new

Out with the old

connect with the new

The next step

Once all devices are commissioned, the network can be connected to the Mymesh Management System in order to fully engage with its powers.


The Mymesh Management System (MMS) was designed to easily check, monitor, analyze and control your lighting network’s data at all times. It functions as a portal to manage your building data most easily and effectively.
MMS is available on a subscription basis. We offer different subscription models to accommodate every kind user.

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We are

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