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Make any professional environment incredibly smart

Derived from decades of experience, the robust, scalable and secure characteristics make Mymesh the best solution to make any professional and demanding environment smart.


It doesn’t matter which industry or market your organization is in. It needs to adapt in this fast-changing world. Connecting all your lights, sensors and switches via an extremely scalable wireless network, offers the business-intelligence and flexibility you need.


Mymesh makes construction, maintenance and security all immensely flexible and efficient as it is easily installed, managed and analyzed.


Today, Mymesh helps market leaders around the globe to propel their business via unique business intelligence hence efficient KPI’s.


Discover what Mymesh can do for your project

A wireless data-infrastructure for any property

For harsh professional environments, having a secure, robust and scalable network is a must. However, when our founders foresaw the great potential of having wireless infrastructures, there was no such technology available. With decades of engineering experience, they started the development of Mymesh; A most scalable and secure data-infrastructure to make any property smart.

Today, professional locations such as offices, breweries, hospitals, ministries, warehouses -and even factories, all rely on Mymesh. Mymesh provides them with the secure, reliable, and scalable smart building solution they need.

For any environment


Office | School | Hospital | Mall


Parking | Street | City


Warehouse | Brewery | Factory



Get your sensors subsidized

As Connected LED greatly improves the sustainability of your company, the European Union offers several subsidies. All sensors connect to the Mymesh network are eligible for a subsidy.

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